I did this video for Sustainable Textile School 2017 in Chemnitz.
Fashion — Sustainable from fiber to store and back?
The factor of sustainability in the textile industry has increased in relevance for consumers. Sustainability may and will, therefore, become an important criterion and competitive advantage for the manufacturers in the textile industry.
For this reason, Gherzi group decided in cooperation with TU Chemnitz to bring to life a Sustainable Textile School in which the attention of students and professionals would be further drawn to this subject with instruction from experts.
Our goal is to build an independent textile engineering platform for the global industry from fiber to garment to boost sustainable transition on the floor in the machine!
Find here some questions that we would love to discuss during our Sustainable Textile School from 18th to 20th September 2017 in Chemnitz: http://sustainable-textile-school.com/topics-2017/
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