I had the second time the opportunity to film the 24 hour race "Maurico Brocco 400".
Coco the lovely bike shop from Leipzig brings the second time the 24-hour race known as "24-hour race" in the Netherlands for all wheel-loving endurance athletes among you!
At the beginning of this century, a couple of cyclists - who often organized the Alleycats - had the idea of ​​organizing a 24 hours alleycat. This has since led to the fact that such an alleycat is annually driven by courier * inside and other cycling fanatics *. The route extends through the whole of the Netherlands and for a few years also through parts of Germany and Belgium.
The 26th of June is Maurice Broccos' death day. We are going on the 24th together to have driven a long distance on the 25th, just like the bike racers were driving their tracks: over many kilometers, without closed roads. The idea is to go to different checkpoints - in a given order - and be on target within 24 hours. The race starts in Leipzig. It then takes you back to Leipzig via your own planned route.
At every checkpoint catering is to be expected. A transport is also organized to bring those who had to give up cycling - a 24 hour race is crisp.
So, join in, trust yourself and challenge you. We are looking forward to your company.
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