Based on my project for PISTRADA bike shop in 2016 I cutted this teaser for 2017.
What the organizers say:
“For the second time, Coco Fahrradladen will be organizing the Maurice Brocco 400 – especially for all the long distance cycling freaks amongst you.
The tradition to hold a 24 hours alleycat race started in the Netherlands about 15 years ago. A handful of bike couriers, who had organised alleycats before, came up with the idea of an alleycat that visited multiple cities. Since then, the race has been annually organised by a different crew of messengers. The route has been taking riders through cities in the Netherlands, Belgium and recently also Germany!
June 26 is the anniversary of the death of Maurice Brocco called Coco, a mid 20th century road racer after whom the Leipzig based bike shop is named. In his honour, we will be leaving Leipzig on June 24th ready to take on a tour just like road racers back in the days used to: cycling many miles without the streets being fenced off.
We will set up four different checkpoints along the route. The race starts and finishes in Leipzig. Further information concerning the other checkpoints will be be released soon.
Every checkpoint will provide a place to rest and some food to fuel your body and mind. Motorised transport to the next checkpoint will be available if needed along the road.
We’re looking forward to seeing you ride!”
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